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Brand Development is an essential part of all businesses; however, many small business owners are either under the impression that they are to small to need a brand or associate the large price tag that accompanies the multi-million dollar marketing campaigns of giant corporations such as Nike or McDonalds.

The reality is that all businesses should have a well defined and well designed BRAND!

VMA works closely with their clients in order to create a brand that reflects their core values and represents the company in a way that appeals to the masses.

Marketing Strategy and branding often are mistaken as being one in the same; however, a brand is what the world sees of a company (Logo, Website, Catalog etc...) but the marketing strategy is how the world is able to see the brand.

VMA assists clients in preparing an effective and calculated marketing strategy which can involve, website development, SEM, Social Marketing, Email Marketing and much more.

Our Branding Overhaul service is an extensive re-branding effort of an existing company that is looking to freshen up their current look or a business that is looking to completely change gears and focus.

VMA will perform a branding consultation before advising a client to change their brand. On many occasions VMA has come across clients that all they needed was some assistance with their graphical representation on certain marketing efforts.

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Graphic Design is a powerful element in a branding and marketing engagement that is frequently overseen.

VMA uses it's in-house designer and it's outsourced network of designers to provide a high quality graphical element to all of our clients brands.

VMA can provide direction to your in-house designer or we can become your graphic designers.

We offer our graphic design services in a per project basis or on a monthly retainer.


Digital Marketing

Virtual Marketing Assistant (VMA) is a branding and marketing company specializing in consultation, development, strategy and design.

Our areas of expertise are: 

  • Real Estate
  • Restaurants
  • Start-Ups
  • Small Businesses (Under 50 Employees)